about fuse success in the arts

As an artist who dreams of making it your profession, do people say your expectations are naive, As an aspiring artist have you been told to “get a real job”.? Perhaps your ideal lifestyle would be a mixture of art and other income sources you love. You can learn to feed your creativity, picking and choosing the parts you enjoy most. Imagine if you knew how to pivot and adjust your sweet spot as you grow in your creative profession. You can find fulfillment in six weeks, with keys to an Arts profession you didn’t believe possible until now.

Having worked in the arts internationally for 40 years and helped more than a thousand artists to establish careers on their own terms, at home and abroad. Kate Spencer can save you time and money by helping fine-tune your approach or maximize your efforts with tools appropriate to the task. Prepare to get creative.

While a new list of resources is being constructed here, you can contact Kate directly about your current situation. Do you need information about how to price your work, build a reputation, protect your ideas…. These are all very individual decisions.

Rather than take general advice available on the web, you’ll want to discuss the specific situation, as good advice will vary according to the circumstances. Ask a specific question using our contact form. You will be very glad you did.

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