Welcome to a virtual interface for direct consultation to find appropriate New Zealand Artists.


Here you will be assisted to find specific types of original works, artists’ participation, historic works, and more – a selected group may be available to view here to browse.

Contact Kate if you wish to contribute items currently available.


Art For Sale or Hire

We are interested in discussing your desire for temporary projects or purchase. All projects discussed, for performance, temporary display or collection.


Art Business Consultancy

A service for visual artists, writers and performers including photographers, street artists, installation artists, dancers, actors, musicians, designers and fine craftspeople, all those in creative industries who seek advice and support for expanding their creative art and business.

Art Business Results

Many of the artists who take the FUSE seminars become self-employed within a year. Others are developing their arts careers at a pace which is right for them.

Looking for an artist to do a particular job?  Interested in displaying art where you work?

The sky is the limit. 

Would you like to speak to someone creative about a special event or a gift?

The Arts have the unique ability to move people beyond words.