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Becoming a member enables you to:

  • Make comments on items added by other artists, industry, schools, venues and or galleries.
    - Our approach in developing member comments, encourages considered comments, critique and or praise. 
    - Comments are available to the general public unlike many social media pages, (however item owners can turn comments off and remove them if inappropriate). 
  • Registered users can create a free  profile.
    - This is to enable you to get established and sample the site without incurring any cost.
    - We are confident that once you establish a presence, you will want to maintain your profile. 
  • Have a business, set it as a sponsor for your profile. 
    - Create separate Profiles as an individual artist , provider of education  or professional institution or supplier of products under industry . A facility, bar, club, theatre or gallery  would be listed under venue. 
    - These categories are designed to accommodate the variety of forms in which people conduct business in the Arts. 
  • Add items to your profile.
    - Add Artworks, Courses, Exhibitions, Events, Auctions, Performances, Group Members and Products.
    - Video clips and images can be added to each item at any stage.
  • Create and manage your own pages.
    - Create links to you sponsors, associates, or your own web pages without unwanted advertising. You can promote upcoming events and remove out-of-date material immediately. 
  • Be active.
    - Updating will increase the prominence of your profile on this public platform.
  • Make multiple profiles under a single a login account.
    - This can help to keep things easy to manage, with only 1 username and password to remember connected to many profiles.
    - Ideal if you are a multi-talented artist, or if you are a gallery / agent and want to list many artists, their works and related events.
    - Excellent if you represent a group and want manage multiple profiles for those included in your group.  
  • Collaborate rather than competitive.
    - For artists who understand that they will all benefit from working together to create a vibrant, active site.
    - Artists who don't have a website will find this the perfect first step, and those who have established web presence will realize the flexibility and convenience it offers, as well as the boost to promotion they get from an additional profile here at


All of our packages feature ...

  1. Contact form
  2. Comments function
  3. Uploading images
  4. Uploading video for item
  5. Easy editor interface
  6. Share with popular services
  7. Add in your upcoming Events

Easy editor interface


Share with popular services!

Trial Plan - up to 3 items

  • The trial account will allow you to have a Profile quickly and easily and you can upload up to 15 items.
  • Trial accounts have an advert on their page, shown as a 'sponsor', to remove or manage this upgrade.
  • Trial plans expire after 360 days, and should we select to keep your account open we may do so at our discretion. 

Small Plan - up to 15 items

  • This simple package allow you to have a Profile quickly and easily and you can upload up to 15 items.
  • Your events(up to 5 events) show up on your profile page and main Events page
  • You can have up to 1 sponsors

Emerging Plan - up to 30 items

  • The emerging plan is designed for those seeking to add more items and will allow you to upload up to 30 items.
  • Your events (up to 10 events) show up on your profile page and main Events page
  • You can have up to 2 sponsors

Pro Plan - up to 90 items

  • This Pro package allows you to have a profile quickly and easily and you can upload 90 items.
  • Your events (up to 15 events) will show up on your profile page and main Events page
  • You can have up to 4 sponsors

What are the costs?


Price per profile subscription


Small Plan (12 month subscription)

$60 (less than $1.20/week) NZD


Emerging Plan (12 month subscription)

$90 (less than $1.75/week) NZD


Pro Plan (12 month subscription)

$120 (less than $2.35/week) NZD

All prices are in NZ Dollars are inclusive of GST. 

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