How to use My Account

This article shows you where to start, and how to create your own Profile on the site.
Creating a Profile is the first thing to do.

Click here  or go to the Profile section on the left side menu. 


After click "New profile" button you just need to fill up each contents, such as your name or description of yourself.
You don't need to write all contents so don't worry.
then you need to click "Send for publishing" button.

Once you create your profile you can create Items, Events and Sponsor(Emerging and Pro only).
Below will explain what each left side menu let you access.


The Dashboard will consist of a summary of all the things happening with your account. There is news from, Tips and Help for newcomer, Latest comment you got, and Your latest content.


This area is simply designed to allow you quick access to changing your password, personal information and newsletter settings.


The profile area is the core to being involved as an artists or a service provider to the arts - from here  you can manage to create new profile, purchase or edit your existing profile and to check your profile status.


Each profile allows you to have multiple items can be Art works, Courses, Exhibition, Artist (if they belongs to gallery) and Products which have the ability to load an image and a video or sound file .

Items will be show up underneath of your Profile and they will be searched by search function of right side column. Therefore very important to filled up Tags, choosing Category and Color when you edit your items.



You can create event or can be your news from here .
Created event show up right side column of your profile, items also main event page  automatically.

You can only have limited number of events, but you can modify or delete old one. then you can create new one again.


This is area to show all comments you got for each Items.
And you can quickly reply from here to latest comment.


You can add sponsor banner (this is option for Emerging and Pro).
After you create sponsors they will show up like this image on your selected profile, items and events.

If you upload image image will show up, but if you don't sponsor name will show up.

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