Quiqcorp Ltd

Quiqcorp Ltd

Location: New Zealand

Quiqcorp specialises in web   development .

We have experience and know-how in product design, graphic design, web design and all the associated development, and or manufacturing required to take on projects at any stage in the process.

This includes retail and merchandising display, brand management, wayfinding signage systems, and the design and development of custom extranets to keep you in contact with your client base. We work with a diverse range of industries covering not-for-profit and Government organisations, professional services, trade and industry, arts and entertainment, goods and retail, food and beverage, information technology, travel, real estate and publishing.

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This website is designed to support the Arts Industries by assisting individuals, groups and organizations of all descriptions to develop professional Arts practices. We offer support, tips and resources to site members to assist with the immediate issues that confront a growing career in the arts.

What are you aiming to achieve right now? Knowing exactly what you intend to do is the first step. Do you need to promote projects and events, or source funds? Feel free to contact us at enquires@artists.co.nz  with any questions, or suggestions you may have about the site.