Creative Theatre classes 2011
By Lucette Hindin

Creative Theatre classes 2011


Lucette offers the fruits of 14 years unique experience in all aspects of creating original theatre. Lucette is passionate about the transformative role of creativity and brings to her teaching a strong focus on developing the imagination and its effect on the body and voice.

Classes are Monday nights 7 - 9pm

Semester 1: 7 February - 11 July (with a 2 week break); Semester 2: 1 August - 12 December (with 2 week break)

The year will run in two semesters, each broken into two halves. The cost per semester is $220 or $150 for the first half only. It is not possible to enroll for the second half of a semester. This allows group trust and accumulation of skills to build throughout the semester.


The first semester will be devoted to developing ensemble performance. In the first half we will create strong, supportive group and develop a shared theatrical vocabulary and ability to play together. In the second half, we will draw this work together to create an ensemble performance on a theme chosen together.


The second semester will be devoted to developing short solo performances. Once more we will spend the first half of the semester developing the tools and support necessary to embark on the journey of discovering the content and form of our solo performances.

With guidance from Lucette and the support of the group, you will be encouraged to lose yourself in your own creative world and find there the gift that you will share with the audience.

Duration: one semester
NZD 220.00

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