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Date from: 13/02/2017
Date to: 18/02/2017
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FUSE Retreat Course

Imagine taking a week to explore and confirm your own goals and intentions for your creative practice(s). You will be able to clearly determine what steps would take your Arts career to the next level. This intensive version of the FUSE Art Business Initiative course, called Art's Your Business  is for artists who want to move forward dramatically in their professional career. Learn ways to support and protect your own creative growth. Six insightful days will inspire you with the confidence and clarity about how to proceed from here.

For more detail about the course check http://www.artists.co.nz/fuse .

To  express interest contact fuse@artists.co.nz for details about upcoming courses.

After attending in Takaka, Heidi Coppard  posted her recommendation:
Kate Spencer's Fuse course is amazing!!! I went to one a year or two ago focused more on art and I learned so much about everything. She runs you through marketing, motivation, funding, creating your product, and lots more that I can't remember right now. I highly highly recommend everyone looks into this because it is an amazing opportunity.

Becoming a full time street performer after attending the FUSE course, Shay Horay summed up his experience:

"Your the matchstick, and FUSE is the box. Use your head......and sparks will fly"... I found the FUSE course very helpful for transforming my dream into a reality. Thanks" -  The Famous Rubberband Boy'... Man or Monster.......you decide! 

The FUSE course has launched careers in Film-making, Clothing Design, Music, and Fine Art, and supported professionals in fields of Dance, Theatre, Design, and Writing professions. It is particularly good for those wanting to combine a few skills into a unique profession. 

If you are feeling on your own, this course could change your life.

Check it out at http://www.artists.co.nz/fuse

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