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Date from: 14/11/2016
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Enter a message to the artist here to be informed about the upcoming Auction of Works by Katharine T Faison. The next opportunity will be this coming November, 2016. Interest expressed by people wanting to have another opportunity to buy paintings has encouraged Kate to consider an annual private auction commensing in 2016. If you would like to participate in a future silent auction of her artwork, please contact her here, or email  to be added to the mailing list.

A selection of the paintings from the 2010 auction are available to view here as sample artworks by artist Katharine-T.-Faison

Unlike traditional paintings which are meant to be admired as a whole, from afar with space surrounding them, these paintings are designed to be viewed at close range and envelop the viewer. Then, only a fraction is able to be taken in at a time, more like actual life experience, where we selectively perceive a small portion of the whole in any given instant.

Each painting is an expression of love for a moment captured in a particular place. The intention is to take the viewer back to a similar experience, or to bring an environment into the exhibition space.

To inquire about current work contact  

New artwork will be available to view for one week from 14 - 20 November, 2016.

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