Karen Chalmers

Karen Chalmers

Location: New Zealand

ChalmersArtwork - Fine Art and Illustration by New Zelaand Artist Karen Chalmers
Graphite Pencil, Arcylic and Oil Paintings


Artists Statment
"I feel like I am on a constantly progressing journey with my artwork, forever trying to improve it and give it more meaning. My artworks are not great epic adventures, or emotional grandeurs; they are simple emotions felt from a pose, a look or a moment.
When hunting for inspiration and ideas, I lay trust in that which I know, and I suppose this is why I prefer realism above all other.
My artwork does not have an underlying current of symbolism or selective emotion, but rather I prefer to create imagery that is available for everyone to understand. I select and create pieces that have the ability to make you think or look deeper, but do not require it, thus making my work more available to a wider audience rather than exclusively those with artistic understanding. In short, I wish everyone to feel what I feel at the moment of inception."

Items by Karen Chalmers


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