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Date from: 24/08/2016
Date to: 24/08/2016
Place: Sun Pacific Villas, Mount Maunganui,
Region: Tauranga

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Tauranga Talks Art Business

There will be a FREE discussion held in the Artery, run by The Incubator, at the Historic Village 17th St Tauranga, Wednesday 24 August. We will begin at 6:30pm, talking about "Making Ends Meet".

Artists are welcome to come explore the prospects for making a living in the Arts, the real issues that face self-employed artists.

Kate Spencer  is a professional advocate for the arts of all sorts. She was a self-employed oil painter before she was 25 with a group of patrons established. Since then she has continued to step into challenges that serve to grow appreciation for The Arts at all levels in society. She has owned a gallery, taught in prisons, and worked with groups of all ages. She co-designed and has delivered the FUSE Art Business Initiative course since the year 2000 as a comprehensive seminar series for people who want to make a living from their Art. After teaching more than a thousand artists of all disciplines and descriptions, a variety of ways they can make a living, no paths recommended have been the same. Sixty percent of of participants become self-employed within six months of attending the full FUSE Art Business Initiative course. Find out more about Kate, and her painting career by searching her maiden name Katharine T. Faison .

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