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at an Art's Your Business retreat


Imagine dedicating a week to allow yourself to explore your own art practice, and learn what steps would take your art to the next level. This intensive version of the FUSE Art Business Initiative course called Art's Your Business  is for you at any stage that you want to move forward dramatically in you chosen art career.  Group discussions of your work, and private consultations are built into the format of the course. The essential areas of business will be revealed, as you learn ways to support or protect your own Arts practice. Whether you are just starting out, or a well-established artist looking to advance a career already established, six empowering days will fill you with the confidence and clarity to approach your career with a fresh outlook and renewed inspiration. People who did this course more than a decade ago, still point to it as a pivotal asset to their professional development. The few artists who have chosen to do the FUSE course a second time, as their careers have progressed to new levels, say that they experienced a completely different course in relation to their heightened potential.

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Duration: 30 hrs
Medium: seminars/workshops
NZD 395.00

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